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What moves you? Upgrade your email address and support a cause that matters, with 10% of our profits donated to an effective charity.

Whether you're an animal-lover, a foodie, or building a business, GoPostal has a custom email domain that is perfectly tailored to YOU!

Mobile-friendly webmail is included free, and you can also use any app you're already using like Apple Mail, Gmail, or Outlook. Our guides make it easy to get started and our support staff is ready to help if you get stuck.

Now is your chance to grab the perfect address before someone else does!

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Most of us send email each and every day for both personal and professional reasons, but have you ever considered what your email address says about you?

If you are a professional or business owner, a personalized email address can make a great first impression, especially compared to a run of the mill boring address that looks like everyone else's. Even if you aren't a business owner, why settle for boring? Switch over to something fun and support a great cause while you do it.

With a GoPostal address there is no reason to be limited by a generic user name like "tombr6491" and a domain shared by millions of other people. Take a look at the domains we offer and see if your username is still available!


Did You Know "free" email providers sell your sensitive data?

We aren't going to name names, but there is a reason why big tech companies are happy to offer their boring addresses for free. Buried in the fine print of their agreements for new users is language permitting them to scan through all of your email, see who you talk to, where you shop, when (and where!) you are going on vacation, where you live, how many people are in your family , where you work and more. They then sell this information to the highest bidder or just use it themselves in an effort to sell you advertising.

At GoPostal, we NEVER scan your email, NEVER sell your information, and NEVER show any ads. We may be biased, but we think $5/month is a fair price to pay to regain your privacy.


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No Spam, No Viruses, No Extra Charge.

Spammers and hackers are constantly honing their craft in an effort to get by spam and virus filters. GoPostal maintains a 24/7 in-house spam and virus mediation team monitoring our servers for exactly this reason. We want you to rest assured that when it comes to stopping malicious email from spammers and hackers that we are on the case.

Furthermore, our servers are hosted in biometrically secured Canadian data centers with closed circuit video surveillance and 99.9% uptime. We generate strong passwords and even offer optional two-factor authentication to ensure your email stays secure.


Get Email, Give Back

We wanted to build giving back in to our company from the start, and what better way to do so than simply donate a portion of every sale to an effective chairity.

For many in the developed world, $5 may not seem like very much; heck, many people spend more than that on coffee each day. But did you know that if your income is $32,400 or more that you are within the top 1% of earners in the entire world?

The world is a big place, and anyone fortunate enough to be considering one of our email addresses almost certainly falls within that top 1%. We feel that with this wealth comes a responsibility to help others, and we want to lead by example.

GoPostal has signed a pledge with Giving What We Can to commit at least 10% of our profits to effective charities. We hope to inspire others to give and encourage anyone interested in learning more to visit to learn more about effective giving.